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The professionals at MarTech provide a full spectrum of investigative services to leading corporate, legal and financial clients in Arizona and throughout the United States.

These services include:

If you value thoroughness, accuracy and confidentiality in the investigative services that protect your company, you will appreciate the service you receive from MarTech.

The success – and in some cases, the very existence – of your company may depend directly on your ability to hire and develop employees who have the skills, ambition, energy and experience that their job requires, and the personal qualities – honesty, integrity and dependability – that help shape your company’s reputation.

Given the critical importance of the quality of people who work for you, it is vital that you recognize some harsh realities of the current hiring environment, including these:

  • One out of three applications you receive contains factually false information, including fake credentials (education, certification, licensing, etc.), fictitious former employers, and exaggerated claims.

  • This year, inadequate vetting procedures will cause two out of five employers to hire an employee who they will later find to have lied or misrepresented themselves in their application.

  • Employee fraud, theft and workplace violence will cost American businesses hundreds of billions this year.

  • Three out of 10 business failures are largely attributable to employee theft and fraud – and seven out of 10 detected incidents are committed by repeat offenders.

So why don't more employers vet staff more rigorously? Some companies don’t recognize the problem. Others believe that they are somehow immune to the risk. And others – especially growing companies -- are so focused on filling crucial vacancies and hiring the best staff quickly and effectively that they are willing to roll the dice, or they don’t want to create a hiring bottleneck.

Employment screening can be a practical, low-cost way to significantly reduce employee theft and dishonesty and notably increase productivity and safety. Not only does effective screening remove operational and direct financial threats, but employers that actively screen their applicants also face less liability in the event of a workplace accident or crime. Pre-employment screening is a primary way of eliminating or minimizing negligent hiring liability and the devastating settlements and jury awards (an average of $150,000) that such liability carries.

If you are making employee screening a higher priority, or if you are already exercising a high level of diligence in vetting your applicants, you will appreciate the efficiency, economy and responsive personal service offered by MarTech.

MarTech will custom-design background investigation and applicant screening programs to meet your specific needs, on an individual or company-wide basis. Our Internet-based applicant screening service offers convenient on-line ordering, enhanced turnaround time with instant updates of results, 24-hour availability, real-time order tracking, management reports and multiple report delivery modes.



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